Not only do our Live Hosts help to create an inclusive, joy-forward environment, but they also help you to create memorable moments of laughter, collaboration and magic with your teams and events.

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Michael Noel

International talent and lifelong funny man, Michael finds home at Weve.

Michael Noel has been making people laugh since was born.  Whether he was dealing with his interior design clients or doing stand-up or story telling at comedy clubs across London and America, he has been bringing joy to the masses. After his two-year long mid-life-gap-year in London and Europe, he is hosting Weve games and bringing his joy of life to his players. This job is so much fun for me! I get to meet hundreds of new people each week and my life is better for it!

Jen Jayden

Global Headliner and Voice-Over Artist Trades Seas for the Screen

Jen has been entertaining audiences around the world for decades as a lead singer on cruise lines. In the years prior to covid she was headlining with her own comedy and rock show on Celebrity, RCCL, Holland America and Princess. No stranger to being behind the scenes as well, Jen also produces custom music for tv & film and does voice-over work from her home studio in LA. Jen loves how Weve has brought so many people around the world together to laugh and smile, even if we can’t get to the theatre or that concert. To be able to combine her live theatre experience, her love of all things tech, and her passion for making people laugh, into one virtual ball, is a true joy.

Courtney MacLachlan

Comedian and Performing Arts Leader Brings the Light Online

Courtney is no stranger to giving others the gifts of fun and laughter. A performer since childhood, Courtney has graced stages across the country as an actress, storyteller, stand up comedian, dancer, poet, and musician. She brings to her role as a Game Producer with The Go Game years of improvisational and classical theater collaboration and creation. From training at UCSD and Upright Citizens Brigade NYC, to managing, touring, and fronting her comedy band, to producing monthly storytelling and comedy shows, to curating a 12-night performing arts festival, Courtney has a penchant for shining a light where laughter lives - and it's usually in you!

Penny Mathis

Vaudeville Performer Brings Joy From the Stage to the Screen

Penny is jazz hands and warmth, personified. From creating and designing live theater experiences to performing at SeaWorld, Universal Studios and everywhere in between, Penny knows how to engage teams and bring the joy.  She’s a Go Game veteran, working with some of our best clients for the past decade, giving them memorable moments to connect and engage, beyond their everyday work routine. Play fosters creativity, creates bonds, and encourages people to engage with each other in a way they might not normally get to at work. That’s what’s different about Weve. I help to encourage play and wonder and it’s a true honor.

Vince Bracy

Former LA Clippers Emcee Leads Hundreds in a new Virtual Arena

Vince is the best of the best in facilitating and leading teams on and off-screen. He’s a true Master of Ceremonies who specializes in not only bringing the fun and energy but also creating an inclusive environment for everyone to shine. Vince has been an on-air DJ, toured with the Harlem Wizards, emceed with Clipper Nation and more. We’re honored to have Vince Bracy leading hundreds (and now thousands!) with Weve!

Ruth Pferdehirt

Broadway Leader and Comedy Producer Connects the Virtual Masses

From performing in Broadway National Tours, Madison Square Garden, Disney World, and more, Ruth is the real deal next level featured host. Her blend of comedy and razzle dazzle makes her a sought after host who loves to help colleagues laugh and authentically connect with one another. Ruth appreciates how Weve is human-forward technology, where screens encourage vs impede connection.

Jo Beth Locklear

Spicy Pisces

You can catch Jo Beth on the big screen, silver screen and your very own personal computer screen. An actress, circus performer and Weve host extraordinaire, she is always down to clown. She will keep your team grinning from ear to ear, dancing in and out of their chairs, and most importantly, feeling connected to one another. In our ever-changing work environment, the need to engage with your team in a fun and playful way is crucial. Weve is the platform and Jo Beth is one of the magic ingredients to make that happen.

Jon Barr

The Host WEVE seen …somewhere !

From National tours to Broadway at sea, to over 20 years opening projects for the Disney company around the world, Jon has been performing live since birth (earliest footage is not available). Jersey Boys, Rock of Ages, Fiddler on the Roof holding his highest repeat records with 4,8 and 15 times respectively… as well as for the mouse house creating Finding Nemo the musical with Frozen creators, Bobby and Kristen Lopez as well as voicing your favorite sea turtle🐢 He treasures his years in pre-med for the best bedside manor skills around. Connecting with people across the planet is a pure joy whether it’s on stage or on a computer screen inside your office…. 💯Totally sweet

Alec Norris

The go-to guy who's rated 5 out of 5 when hosting live(virtually).

Alec, a dedicated actor and musician, left it all when he discovered the ways of Weve. Since earning his black belt in the subtle art of weve-jitsu almost a year ago, Alec has scaled the highest mountains, crossed the most daring seas, and navigated through the most terrifying jungles to teach the secret ways of team building and connection to thousands over the world. If you want to know the true power of weve-jitsu, an art that has been cultivated over two decades and infused with fun, excitement, and creativity, all one must do is ask.

Andre Lacerda

Marketer, Writer and Public Radio talent Moves into Multicultural Virtual Experiences

Andre is a former marketing executive who lived a second life in freelance feature film adaptation and improvisational comedy...which then led to virtual game hosting and Latin America development. Born in Brazil, he has a deep understanding of multicultural nuances and possesses strong native fluency in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Andre’s two decades in the public radio airwaves as a host and producer of jazz programming also enrich his versatile hosting skills. “Engaging with players from all over the world, getting their sense of humor, relating to their cultural preferences and bringing them together in gameplay is where it’s at”.

Brittaney Barfield

Writer, Director, and Actress

Brittaney writes fantastical stories that focus on diverse people living their life dealing with supernatural or magical elements. As an army brat, she has been able to travel the world and experience different lifestyles and personalities. As a graduate from the Illustrious HBCU Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor’s degree in Television and Film, she gained all the tools and knowledge to become a well-rounded screenwriter. Her debut film project, A Moment in Time, is a short film she wrote and directed. She has written for Film Daily and is currently an Online Game Host for the Go Game.

Jackson Evans



Jeff Kroll

Distilling a cornucopia of experiences into a focus on fun for his players

Jeff started life as a software usability specialist and user experience designer, and as a result, you will never be lost or confused with him as your guide through the wild and woolly world of Weve! Refusing to be just one thing though, Jeff finds joy educating and entertaining people in many forms, not just hosting games at Weve. You may have come across him teaching swing dancing locally or internationally, dancing on stage or screen, DJing, hosting karaoke, crafting cocktails as your bartender, or running whiskey trivia and tasting sessions. When he's not indulging in all these activities, he finds time to travel the globe in search of wonder, adventure, new trivia topics... and a good tropical drink!

Jefferson Bergey



David Lew



John Cameron



Josh Gelfand

Spirit Guide - Pianist - Voice Artist - just guy who takes you on journeys of joy and discovery

Josh Gelfand is a recognized whiskey and spirits educator, mixologist, and master libator (known to many as a "spirit guide"). He leads virtual and in-person spirits seminars and cocktail classes, is a judge in numerous bartending, cocktail, and spirits competitions, and has been the Bay Area’s go-to MC for bar industry events. He’s also a voice-over artist, as well as an accomplished pianist and singer. Having spent much of the COVID lockdown performing weekly live-streamed shows, he loves (safely) getting back to performing in front of real live humans in real live bars and clubs.

Julie Ann Sullivan

Spreader of Joy

Julie Ann Sullivan is known as the Catalyst of Culture.
She has inspired and motivated businesses for over a decade.
When she isn’t speaking, training, or consulting, she is spreading joy as a Certified Laughter Leader and Trainer. 
She is also a podcaster, author, and virtual presenter.
The pandemic gave Julie Ann the opportunity to join the Weve team where she thoroughly enjoys being a part of teams having fun and getting to know their workmates better. 

Eric Pinder






Lea Marinelli



Luke Erlenbusch

25-year Radio Veteran, Voice Actor & Announcer, 80's Super Junkie, and a Goofball Extraordinaire

Luke continually keeps his mind in the 80’s, the bestest totally rad decade there ever was. If you get a chance to have him as a host, you can generally find him sporting his bodacious Oakley Frogskins, his tubular Member’s Only jacket, and sporting a bodacious Ghostbusters shirt., much to the bewilderment of his friends and family. He’s pretty sure his best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with this girl, saw Ferris pass out at 31 flavors. As a veteran of radio and voice-over work, you never know what strange places you might hear him speak.

Mark Hampton

That guy that looks super familiar.

Mark is a stand-up comic and writer currently residing in Los Angeles. Before the pandemic, Mark was a regular at the world-famous Comedy Store. In addition to comedy, Mark has been a bartender, shoe salesman, and bouncer. Yeah, he's been in a few scrapes, but you should see the other guys.

Dora Jean



Matt Kramer

Host, plant-daddy, and confidant

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Matt embodies the city of broad shoulders by never putting ketchup on a hotdog, hopelessly rooting for Da Bears, and capitalizing on the mercilessness of Windy City winters to build character. Hosting events with you all fills a deep void in Matt's heart, all because of the joy and love participants bring every day!

Matthew Warfield

Showchoir + Band + Theatre + Disney = This Guy

Matthew received a BFA in Musical Theatre from UCF and has been entertaining guests at Walt Disney World for the better part of the last 18 years. From acting, to singing, to dancing, to distributing terrible puns to anyone within earshot, he has been with Weve since October of 2020 and always finds a way to bring his own sincere and silly style to life for clients in this new virtual world of fun and games. He always strives to make sure you have as much fun playing the game as he has hosting it for you. 

Natasha Goeller

From Behind the Stage to in Front of the Camera

Natasha has worked behind the scenes professionally at theaters, zoos, and stadiums. Though they are no stranger to behind the stage, in front of an audience is where they have found a home as an event host for the past three years. Now that virtual is the reality, they've taken to Weve like a duck to water - splishin', splashin', and enjoying every second of it.

Nina Muscato

Nina speaks Panda but hosts games in English!

Nina is a host from Maryland who was an undercover actor (think Agent Hot Pants) with in-person Go Games for 12+ years. With her obscure degree in semiotics from Brown University, Nina has had varied life experiences which have included being a panda interpreter at the National zoo, a great highland bagpiper, and a Certified Professional Organizer®. Having joined WEVE in November of 2020, Nina has been able to transfer her passion for dress-ups and general silliness to hosting games. Her strength as a host lies in facilitating a fun and warm environment for all players.

Owen Renert



Broadway and television performer from CBS, Comedy Central, and Walt Disney World.

Preston is a former Broadway and television performer with credentials such as Law and Order, the Tony Awards, Lincoln Center and so much more! You've also likely heard Preston's voice on any number of commercials and video games. Preston's hosting experience dates back to New York City and networks like CBS and Comedy Central but now Preston can be seen on stages across Orlando including at Walt Disney World.

Rachael Caselli

Unique Jack-of-All-Trades Performing Artist Brings Her Flair to Virtual Gameshow Hosting

In addition to working as a professional actor, dancer and puppeteer; Rachael is also an established stilt walker, metal grinder, and fire performer.  Rachael has been using her physicality and vocal skills to tell stories in unique ways all over the world, having performed in Scotland, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and India to name a few. She is thrilled that Weve has now given her the opportunity to reach out to EVEN more folks on global scale!

Safia Valines

Professional Singer in Central Florida, Gamer Nerd, and Cat Lady

Safia has been professionally singing around the country since 2005, including Japan where she spent a year performing at Tokyo DisneySea. She is also no stranger to the musical theater and theme park industry in Orlando where she has acted and sung at all the major theme parks. Since the world turned to mostly virtual due to the pandemic, she has utilized her video/board game and tech-savvy skills towards game show hosting, legal videography, and freelance voiceover gigs. Ask her about her video game preferences, super nerd husband, or her two cats. She might hold them up to the camera!

Sage Starkey

Theatrical Powerhouse, Sesame Street Puppeteer, and Dance Dad Hosts Magic

Sage is an actor, singer, director and creator who will make you smile,  laugh and perhaps even chortle! He’s also got the moves, having gone viral with his “Dance Dad” videos. From Disney to Broadway and everywhere in between, Sage is able to integrate his live theater and musical background into his game experience design, bringing levity and creativity to the mix in every game.

Stephen Redwood

West End Actor Creates Virtual Experiences to Excite

Stephen started by treading the boards of the West End as a theatre actor before swapping the glittering lights of London for the incandescent screenlights of Weve. Hailing from the United Kingdom, he’s an addition to Weve in Europe, and yes, that accent does sound just like you imagine! He originally wanted to train as a zoologist specializing in Big Cats but he was bitten by the bug of hosting events with Weve - which was probably for the best given how much more fun it is than brushing a tiger’s teeth.

Bonnie Rose Parent



Talia Marder Adams

Bilingual Artist Brings the Improvisational FUEGO to Global  Events

Talia has been performing and training since three years old in many styles including Stage, Improv, Dance, and Circus Arts. Living in Ecuador, Talia has also worked in the world of Spanish/English Translation & Interpretation. She has brought these skills to Weve by creating and translating our Spanish game content to expand our creative team-building platform for the masses. Not only does Talia bring the Bilingual flare to her games but also clear and engaging instruction, quick on-the-spot improvisation, and a sassy sense of humor!

Tommy Saunders





Zach Gelfand

Host, Improviser, and Great Wedding +1!

Zach has been performing, improvising, and hosting for over 8 years now since his days making yuck-yucks in the University of Virginia's comedy scene. Since then he has studied in NYC at UCB, the Magnet, and the Armory. He now resides in Los Angeles trying to convince Jeff Probst to give him the Survivor gig. I mean, how much longer can you realistically do that, Jeff??

Alexi T



Alan ZB