Co-Founder & Chief Product and Technology Officer

Finn Kelly is the co-founder and chief technology officer of The Go Game, the leader in team-building and culture-driving games. Finn and chief executive officer, Ian Fraser, co-founded The Go Game in 2000 to bring fun to work through interactive games, events, and experiences that make employees feel connected and engaged. In 2020, The Go Game launched Weve which creates dynamic digital environments that enable real engagement that goes beyond the market standard video conferencing tool.

A self-taught coder, Finn is responsible for the entirety of Weve's product development and product design, as well as maintaining Weve's website and directing its Google Ads strategy. Finn led the development team in building the Weve's platform from start to finish and he guides the strategy for the team as they produce new features and updates to Weve. As an experienced developer, he has been known to jump into the code quite regularly to fix bugs and prototype a new feature in his spare time.

Finn earned his BA in Jazz Piano Performance from Oberlin College.