Hana Nobel


Part time game runner and full time dumpling enthusiast, Hana was raised in New Jersey (where she learned to love Bruce Springsteen), educated in Boston (where she learned to survive in freezing temperatures), defrosted in Hawaii (where she did not learn to surf), spent time back East hibernating in a tiny log cabin (where she learned not to watch scary movies alone at night), and crossed the country to San Francisco (where she learned about the joys of a real burrito, but never even wore flowers in her hair).

Now she lives in sunny Los Angeles (where she complains the moment it’s not sunny). Hana is usually wearing a onesie (which is the #1 reason she decided to take a job that requires a orange jumpsuit) or roller skates (which is her #1 favorite way to get around).

Ask her about her Ira Glass crush, but never ask her to play Monopoly.