The way you gather impacts your company culture. Our platform hosts virtual and hybrid team building experiences for every budget that promote productivity, engagement, and connection.

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With The Go Game and Weve, we offer virtual, in-person, and hybrid experiences unrivaled in the industry, and are revolutionizing the way people gather, connect, learn, and play. Our games can be customized for team building, onboarding, training, holiday parties, and more. And we can adjust an in-person event to be virtual, or somewhere in between, with as little as 24 hours notice — so your event can happen regardless of any curve balls that life may throw your way. For events at any budget, we've got you covered.

Our most popular hybrid experiences


In-person &
Remote Game Show

This event can be run with all in-person, a mixture of in-person and remote, or entirely remote players around the world. A live host can be onsite or host virtually depending on the group’s makeup and needs. Each game show includes rounds of mini-games, trivia, and creative challenges inspired by the best game shows of all time.

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In-person Go Game Adventure + Remote Game Show +
Live Virtual Awards Show

Get your group of in-person participants together, with the option to include remote team members who want to be part of the action.

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“It is SO easy to have fun no matter who you are! There is something for everyone”

"The team has already expressed interest in hosting a Watch Party for a few other teams and we've been getting a lot of great feedback."

"The interactions with the host were the best. I loved the level of involvement with the team members, and the funny jokes added along the way!"

“Our team is definitely closer after using WEVE”


So whether you're wanting something virtual, IRL, inside, outside, hybrid, or something flexible enough to change on the fly, The Go Game and Weve have you covered.

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