Hybrid Events

Bring employees from across the city, state, country, or world together with a combination of in-person and remote participants. Our hybrid solutions combine our virtual Weve platform, with our IRL Go Game experiences to allow everyone to gather whether they’re just a few doors away or a few time zones apart.

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As workplaces continue to change from entirely remote to in-person or a combination of both, there is a whole new set of challenges with planning employee gatherings. That’s why we’ve created ways to connect teams no matter their makeup, and support event planners as they juggle venue sizes, public health challenges, distancing considerations, quarantine guidelines, and more. Our hybrid experiences provide flexibility for everyone to join, and are way easier to manage and follow through with when things are up in the air or change last minute. 

Plus, without the cost of airfare, hotels, and meals, hybrid and virtual experiences are less costly than strictly IRL events so you can host smaller, more frequent events throughout the year to keep your teams connected, engaged, and inspired.



In-Person Scavenger Hunt(s) in Multiple Locations + Live Virtual Award Show

Best for: if you have teams in multiple cities and want to host in-person experiences for each location then connect with the other locations virtually afterwards. 

Size: host anywhere from 4 to 1,000s of players. 

Start off with teams in each location getting together with our unique in-person scavenger hunt experience, the Go Game Adventure, solving challenges, exploring their environment, and getting out of their comfort zone. Then, unite with the global team for a live Virtual Awards Show with live remote hosts. This virtual finale presentation and awards show is filled with music, scene-setting sound effects, witty commentary, and lots of laughs, where everyone gets to view photos and videos created during the game. Points are tallied, winning teams announced, bragging rights attained!
Is your whole team in the same location? Great!
 Gather everyone in-person to play in the same town or city and have your own awards show with a live, remote host to wrap up your experience.


In-person & Remote Game Show

Best for: if you’re unsure how many players will be in-person vs. remote and you want the most flexibility possible. 

Size: host up to 100 players in any combination of in-person and hybrid

Our newest hybrid experience is the Hybrid Game Show. This event can be run with all in-person, a mixture of in-person and remote, or entirely remote players around the world. A live host can be onsite or host virtually depending on the group’s makeup and needs. Each game show includes rounds of mini-games, trivia, and creative challenges. In-person teams may play rounds inspired by "Minute to Win It” while both remote and in-person teams can collaborate on "Family Feud” or "Not So Newlywed” games. At the end, the host will announce the scores and winners. Glory achieved! 



In-person Go Game Adventure + Remote Game Show + Live Virtual Awards Show

Best for: if you have a group of in-person participants that want to get together and remote team members who still want in on the action. 

Size: host anywhere from 4 to 1,000s of players. 

In-person and remote teams will play separate games at the same time and unite for a live finale with remote hosts. "Ground Teams'' (in-person teams) will go on a high-tech urban adventure smartphone scavenger hunt. Through a mix of trivia, location-based clues, and creative challenges, they will battle other teams along the way. Meanwhile, “Sky Teams” (remote players)  will be challenged with timely trivia, themed rapid fire rounds, music missions, and art challenges in one of our virtually hosted Weve Game Shows. Players on the Ground and Sky Teams will have shared experiences such as recreating a famous piece of artwork. The Ground Teams will do this by capturing a photo of themselves while the Sky Teams will draw together virtually.

Culminating in a live, virtual comedy-show-style finale presentation and awards show starring your guests!


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